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Your Galactic Haven in Washington, D.C.

Embark on a cosmic culinary journey at our three-story Space-Themed Restaurant Lounge, where gastronomy collides with the galaxy. Experience otherworldly food, drinks, live entertainment, and smooth hookah offerings, all wrapped in a celestial vibe that's truly out of this world."

From Nebula Nibbles to Galactic Gourmet and Stellar Sips, each dish and drink is an epicurean exploration, made to marvel your palate.

Feel the energy as our DJs spin a celestial mix, blending genres and eras into a seamless flow that keeps the night vibrant and alive.

Our Unique Look

Space DCs New Look

A cosmic transformation, immersing guests in an even more captivating space-themed experience. Every detail of our new look echoes our deep passion for the cosmos, creating an environment where the thrill of space exploration continues to inspire and amaze.

Three Levels of Cosmic Delight

A multi-level venue is designed to offer diverse experiences:

Core Floor

For Private booking only, experience a exclusive and intimate settings

Terra Floor

The main dining area, offering exquisite culinary experiences with a focus on sustainability and natural elements.

Space Saturday

A dynamic, event-focused floor with rotating themes, live entertainment, and immersive space-themed experiences.

Atmosphere Terrace

An open-air rooftop with stunning city views, cosmic décor, and a celestial ambiance perfect for social gatherings and events.

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Reserve Your Adventure

Secure Your Galactic Spot

Secure your journey into our cosmic sanctuary with a simple reservation. Whether it's a starlit dinner or a special event, Space DC promises an unforgettable celestial experience.

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Your Events Await You

Galactic Gatherings Unfold

Discover a multitude of events where every moment sparkles with celestial magic and unparalleled entertainment in an incredibly dynamic space themed atmosphere lounge and restaurant.

Cosmic Cocktails & Stellar Savings

Happy Hour

Join us for out-of-this-world drink specials and celestial bites during our daily Happy Hour specials.
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Culinary Constellations: Dinner Delights


Experience the ultimate cosmic dining experience with our dinner menu featuring celestial flavors and gourmet creations.
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Rise and Shine with Stellar Delights

Weekend Brunch

Indulge in a brunch experience with our weekend offerings, featuring cosmic cocktails and brunch favorites in the celestial vibe of our lounge.
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OFFSIDE: Game Day Extravaganza

Kickoff Watch and Grub Event

Catch every goal, cheer every moment, and be part of the Copa America frenzy at SpaceDC. Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, live music, and special fan zones. Reserve your spot now for an unforgettable game day!

Discover Our Events
Argentina vs. Canada

Argentina vs. Canada

Watch as Argentina's star-studded team takes on the resilient Canadian squad in a thrilling Group A matchup.

Peru vs. Chile

Peru vs. Chile

Experience the intense rivalry between Peru and Chile as they clash in a high-stakes Copa America encounter.

Mexico vs. Jamaica

Mexico vs. Jamaica

Don't miss the exciting duel between Mexico's dynamic offense and Jamaica's formidable defense in this Group B showdown.

Ecuador vs. Venezuela

Ecuador vs. Venezuela

See Ecuador and Venezuela battle it out in a crucial match, showcasing their determination and skill in Copa America 2024.

Time-Travel Through Our Events

Astronomical Archives

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Frequently asked questions

To find quick answers about dining, events, and the cosmic experience at Space DC. Whether you're planning a visit or a galactic gathering, we've got you covered.

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  • Do I need a reservation to dine at Space DC Lounge?

    While walk-ins are welcome, we recommend making a reservation to ensure your spot among the stars, especially on weekends and during special events.

  • Can Space DC Lounge accommodate dietary restrictions?

    Absolutely! We offer a variety of dietary options including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions when making your reservation.

  • What types of events can be hosted at Space DC Lounge?

    Space DC Lounge is the perfect venue for a wide range of events, from intimate birthday celebrations to grand corporate galas. Contact our events team to start planning your cosmic event.

  • Is there a dress code for dining at Space DC Lounge?

    Our dress code is smart casual. We encourage guests to dress comfortably but to avoid athletic wear for the evening dining experience.

  • How can I apply for a job at Space DC Lounge?

    Join our crew! Visit the Careers section on our website to view available positions and submit your application. We’re always on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our stellar team.

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